“A strategic board has a view of looking ahead, an insight to look deeper, and competency to look beyond.”
― Pearl Zhu

“I have always felt very fortunate to live in the amazing community I live in and therefore I am extremely proud of the work Community Connections Society does in serving this area we call the East Kootenays.  Serving on this Board has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.”

Brenda Blair – Present Board Member

“Through my involvement as a board director with Community Connections Society of Southeast BC, I’ve gained a huge appreciation for the vital role CCS plays in our communities. I’m proud of this organization, its caring staff and the quality programs and services they deliver; CCS is making a difference for so many people. As a board member, I am constantly being informed, impressed, and energized by what the society is accomplishing, and am thankful for the experience.”
Colleen Osiowy- Present Board Member

“Before becoming involved as a Board member with Community Connections, I had no idea of the great community work that they were doing. I have learned that CCS plays an important role within communities of the East Kootenays offering programs for children, Senior citizens, and our vulnerable population. I have found being on the Board an informative and rewarding experience!”
Paul Knipe – Present Board Member

Paul Knipe, Chair

Susan Vollmer

Rachel Freitag

Bob Kennedy

Colleen Osiowy, Vice Chair

Ryan Gibbard

Melissa Scott

Scott Manjak