Homeless Outreach & Prevention

Provides a variety of housing related services

  • Rent subsidy programs

  • Housing information & applications

  • Advocacy & referrals

Homeless Outreach has been in operation in Cranbrook since November 2008.  Homeless Outreach serves community members who are experiencing or are at risk of some level of homelessness.  The purpose of this program is to provide assistance to singles, couples and families in seeking, obtaining and maintaining housing.  Homeless Outreach endeavours to connect street involved, marginalized, transient and new Cranbrookites to services in Cranbrook.

Homelessness Prevention Program is a newer program then Homeless Outreach, having its start in November 2014.  Its purpose is to engage with women leaving abuse, Indigenous peoples, youth at risk or people leaving the health or corrections system.  It is the purpose of this program to prevent homelessness in these 4 specific populations.

Both Homeless Outreach and Homelessness Prevention provide direct, flexible, client centred front line services to individuals and families who are homeless or are facing homelessness. We work with the individual and other services to assist in finding suitable, safe and affordable housing options in our community.

For more information on either program, please call 778.517.5355.